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About Us

Retrievr envisions a world where people, cities and brands work together to easily return value to our unwanted items, building the circular economy together.

We take out the hard part

Tell us what you are recycling

Pick a date for your pickup

Truck Comes to your house

To help make that a reality, we provide an easy, doorstep collection of the valuable items sitting idle in closets, drawers, and storage spaces. Our mission is to increase residential recycling rates and funnel products into the emerging circular economy.

Does Your supply chain look like this?

Retrievr can make it look like this

We believe people will recycle responsibly if the process is made smooth and easy — as it should be.


There’s no need to spend hours searching where to recycle your clothing and electronics. Just tell us what to fetch, and we’ll collect it and recycle it for you. Our on-demand doorstep collection process makes it as easy as possible for us to come right to your door.


As a municipality, you can offer Retrievr as a service to your residents, reducing your landfill fees and recycling contamination rates.


As a brand, Retrievr offers tailor-made recycling services exclusive to you and your customers. On your behalf, we can provide the easiest way possible to recycle these harder-to-recycle items, allowing influence over where your products go.

We envision a world where the recycling of electronics and clothing are as ubiquitous as paper, bottles and cans - and where all new products are born from recycled material.

We all have a part to play.
Let’s build this new economy together.