Recycle Your Clothing & Electronics

We all have clothes and electronics we no longer use cluttering our closets, drawers, and basements. Retrievr is the only program that collects these items right from your door and recycles them for you.

Simply click the Schedule button or text the word PICKUP to 757-70-FETCH to get started.

How it Works

A simple text message gets you on the path to an easy pickup from your doorstep.

On the day of your appointment, bag up your items and leave them on your porch. Please make sure they’re sheltered from the weather; we need your items to stay dry. If you prefer, you can instead leave your items just inside your door and ask that we ring your bell when we arrive. Learn more.

  • “I had several items that we’ve been holding onto, not really knowing what to do with them. Retrievr came and picked up all of them. This is an awesome program!”
    — Deneen, Lower Merion (PA) resident
  • “My wife is so happy! She calls me a hoarder but I’m not really. The first couple of times I cleaned out my stuff. This is my third time and I’m finally getting rid of my kid’s old gaming equipment. It’s so easy and kinda fun.”
    — Andy, 56
  • “This is great—my wife and I have been trying to get rid of these old TVs for years. We can’t lug these things anywhere. I’m happy to see them finally gone and it’s nice to know they will be recycled.”
    — Lou, Retired
  • “Gloucester Township is committed to bringing services like Curb My Clutter to our residents to improve their lives while minimizing the environmental impact of our community and saving taxpayer dollars associated with waste disposal.”
    — David Mayer, Mayor, Gloucester Township (NJ)
  • “I’ve called everywhere trying to find a place to take this stuff and no one wants it! Your service is excellent and I’m going to tell everyone on my block.”
    — Dennis, Retired
  • “My kids grow through clothing so fast that their cousins can’t even take any more of the hand-me-downs. Now I send a text— and you show up at my door.”
    — Elizabeth, 39
  • “The process was perfect! Thanks very much! More communities need to have this service and I have never understood why they do not. Keep up the great work!”
    — Doris, 68
  • “We recently moved and had a lot of stuff that we did not want to take to our new home. My wife and I scheduled a couple of collections. It was fast, easy, and you showed up on the day you promised. We’ve even used it at our new home.”
    — Mike, 45
  • “The driver was such a polite and nice young man. He was quick and carefully took care of everything. Thank you!”
    — Sue, 55
  • “Lower Merion Township is proud of our efforts to reduce our environmental impact and save taxpayers money. It’s not often we get to announce a program that does both. That’s exactly what we found with retrievr. Our residents get a convenient way to reduce their household clutter, we save on disposal fees, and most importantly, clothing and electronics stay out of the waste stream.”
    — Ernie McNeely, Lower Merion (PA) Township Manager
  • “The Town of Westfield’s Green Team has been working hard to find sustainable solutions. We are committed to bringing services like retrievr to our residents to improve our quality of life and minimize the environmental impact of our community and save taxpayer dollars associated with waste disposal.”
    — Shelley Brindle, Mayor, Town of Westfield (NJ)
  • “Star Disposal has been a leader in the community in bringing low-cost dependable waste disposal to the City of Bethlehem, PA. We’re now excited to partner with Retrievr where residents can get their used apparel and electronics collected via a text. It’s an easy way to minimize environmental impact of communities while reducing household clutter.”
    — Bob McCarthy, CEO, Star Disposal


We’ll pick up all clothing (including your bedding, towels, and accessories) and small electronics devices for free. Our accepted items list gives a definitive listing of everything we’ll collect and recycle for you.

We only charge convenience fees for large electronics like TV’s and microwaves. These fees can vary based on your location. We’ll always call them out clearly to you before you confirm your pickup date. If you want to find out up front what fees might apply to you, they’ll be listed on your municipality’s homepage under our Locations menu.