On Demand Clothing & Electronics Recycling

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Retrievr makes it easy for you to recycle unwanted electronics, shoes, and clothing.
We envision a world where the items we no longer need perpetually return to their highest and best reuse.

For a limited time, Retrievr will pay you for your gently used smartphones and certain brands of clothes. Click Schedule Now to get started.

Today, everyone knows how to recycle bottles, cans, cardboard, and plastic, but what about clothing and electronics? These items are almost all recyclable, but the sad truth is that 80-85% end their journey in a landfill. People need to make room in their homes by getting rid of the unused stuff sitting idle. In the absence of any responsible way to do this, they’re forced to throw things away. Meanwhile, brands are looking for a way to impact the environment while staying in front of customers.

We take out the hard part

We believe people will recycle responsibly if you give them an easy way to do it.

There’s no need to spend hours searching where to recycle your clothing and electronics. Just tell us what to fetch, and we’ll collect it and recycle it for you. Our on-demand doorstep collection makes it easy for us to come right to your door.

As a municipality, you can offer Retrievr as a service to your residents, reducing your landfill fees and recycling contamination rates. As a brand, Retrievr offers tailor-made recycling services exclusive to you and your customers. We provide easy ways to recycle, allowing influence over where your products go.

We all have a part to play.
Here’s how brands and communities can partner with us.

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