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Municipal Partnerships

Retrievr turns Waste into Opportunity

Only 15 – 20% of clothing and electronics are recycled today, and these items now represent 10% of all landfill waste.

That volume has doubled since 2000, costing cities over $500M each year in landfill fees in the US alone.

Our communities shouldn’t have to shoulder this burden.

To date, Retrievr has partnered with over 80 municipalities servicing over 1 million people.

Rather than rely on Extended Producer Responsibility laws to share the cost with retailers and manufacturers, Retrievr gives communities a quick and easy recycling solution through doorstep collection of clothing and electronics.

Tell us what you are recycling

Pick a date for your pickup

Pick a date for your pickup

See how recycling with Retrievr creates opportunities for your town

Be a leader in achieving your zero waste goals while offering a valuable service to your community. When you partner with Retrievr, your residents can send a simple text for a convenient and safe pickup at their doorstep. Retrievr is free to municipalities and has proven to increase diversion rates for communities just like yours.

We do the heavy lifting.

Your residents text us to schedule their pickup. And we handle all of the customer service, truck routing, sorting and distribution of collected items for recycling or resale. Your only job is to help get the word out to your residents — . The more your residents participate, the more you save on landfill fees.