Electronics Partnerships

Electronics Industry Challenges

70% of toxins in landfills come
from electronic devices

In the current take-make-waste world brands are left out once they make the sale. They have little to no influence over whether their customers resell, recycle, or throw away their products. The unfortunate truth is 70-80% of electronics aren’t responsibly recycled: value is lost and brands are unable to control their environmental impact. 

70% of toxins in landfills come from electronic devices.  Electronics represent the fastest growing waste stream in the world but recycling rates for these products have remained stagnant over the last decade. For devices that aren’t landfilled or incinerated, we know that huge numbers are stored in people’s homes because of a lack of easy and secure options for residential e-waste recycling.  There is a better way! Through Retrievr, brands now have an opportunity to offer their customers an innovative doorstep pickup solution that will move the needle on domestic electronics recycling rates.

Maybe you’re wondering

  • When are my customers ready to recycle my product?
  • How can I re-engage my customers through recycling?
  • Is my brand insulated from resource scarcity?

The Solution

Retrievr is here to help. We provide brands an easy way for your customers to recycle electronics (along with clothing, shoes, and accessories) and get these items to their highest and best use. Brands who participate will stand out as leaders in a linear electronics marketplace.

As a Closed Loop Partners portfolio company, Retrievr offers brands access to cutting edge technology and approaches to circular strategy.

How We Do It


  • Doorstep local collection via the web or text message


  • Responsibly recycle with a focus on reuse whenever possible
  • Utilize fully certified downstream processors with the highest standards of environmental, worker safety and data destruction compliance in the industry (R2 & E-Stewards) 
  • Provide detailed environmental impact reporting
  • Provide certificates of data destruction available, tailored to client’s needs

Partnership Paths

Below are the current opportunities to partner with Retrievr. We’re also flexible- we can tailor programming specific to your brand’s needs.