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Just about all of these devices have a built-in delete function, often called Factory Reset or Restore to Factory Defaults. Be careful: many of these devices also say you can reset the device by holding down a power or reset button for 10 seconds. Most of the time, that’s just a reboot or restart; it doesn’t delete your data. Make sure you’re using instructions to truly restore the device to a “fresh from the factory” clean state.

Additionally, to be thorough, it’s probably a good idea to sign yourself out of any online accounts and disconnect from wifi before resetting the device. Below we cover instructions 

Amazon Echo

  • You can often reset a device from the device itself
  • Then de-register the device using Amazon’s website
    • Visit and sign in
    • Mouse over where it says “Hello [your name]”, and select Your Content & Devices
    • Click Devices in the Manage Your Content and Devices menu
    • Find your device in the list, and click the button with the ‘…’ to the left of the device name
    • Click Delete Voice Recordings, then confirm by clicking Delete
    • Click the ‘…’ button again, click Deregister, and then confirm by clicking the Deregister button.

Android Devices

Apple TV

  • First, forget any wireless networks
    • Open Settings, then select Network > Wi-Fi
    • Select the wireless network (SSID) you wish to forget
    • Select Forget Network
    • Repeat the above for any other wireless networks, as needed
  • Then reset the device.


(note instructions below are for PS3; steps for other versions may vary)

  • Sign out of the Playstation Network
  • Delete all users from Users > select user icon > press triangle > select Delete
  • Disconnect wifi by resetting back to default settings
  • Delete all saved data from Settings > System Settings > Restore PS3 System


Roku does not offer a way to disconnect from wireless; you can simply run factory reset

Xbox One

Sign out of your Xbox Live profile, then reset to factory defaults