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Retrievr Turns Waste into Your Opportunity

Clothing and electronics make up 10% of all landfill waste. That volume has doubled since 2000, and now costs our cities over $500M each year in landfill fees in the US alone. Our cities shouldn’t have to shoulder the burden of that cost. Instead of relying on Extended Producer Responsibility laws to share this cost with retailers and manufacturers, retrievr cuts to the underlying problem: recycling.

Retrievr makes it practical for consumers to recycle their clothing and electronics, which in turns creates profitable opportunities for municipalities, haulers, and the retailers and manufacturers.

Current Recycling Options are Not Sufficient

Only 15% of clothing and electronics are recycled today

While recycling is the only elegant solution to this $500M problem, only 15% of clothing and electronics are recycled today. The barriers to recycling are myriad: drop-off centers are too far away, or the line is too long, or it’s too hard to wrangle everything into a truck to get it there. It boils down to time and convenience: give people a free, easy pickup from their doorstep, and their objections melt away.

Retrievr does exactly that by making recycling as simple as sending a text. Click one of the icons below to see how recycling with retrievr creates opportunities for your town or business:

I’m a Municipality

Take a leadership position in achieving your zero waste goals while offering a valuable free service to your constituents. When you partner with retrievr, your residents can text our number to bring a truck to their doorstep for a convenient and safe pickup. Retrievr is not only free to residents for apparel and small electronics, it’s also free to the municipality.

Once your residents text us to schedule their pickup, we handle all of the customer engagement, truck routing, and the sorting and distribution of collected items for recycling or resale. Your only job is to help get the word out to your residents. The more your residents participate, the more you save on landfill fees. And since retrievr is free to municipalities, all of your saved landfill fees drop straight to your bottom line.

We’re already partnered with over 20 municipalities covering 1 million people. Hear from the mayor of Gloucester Township (NJ) on how they use retrievr to reach their zero waste goals.

I’m a Hauler

Retrievr makes it profitable to add the collection of clothing and electronics to your existing portfolio. Though these items are more valuable than paper, bottles, and cans, up to now, it didn’t make sense to offer curbside collection because people don’t “use and consume” clothing electronics on a daily basis. If you drive by 1,000 homes on a typical route, most likely 950 or more would have nothing to contribute, and you’d lose money running it.

Retrievr lets you skip those 950 homes by letting your customers text us and tell us they’re ready to recycle. You get to focus on 40-50 homes per day; and since clothing and electronics are more valuable than traditional recyclables, a retrievr route of 40-50 homes can earn you as much or more than collecting bottles or cans from 1,000 homes. Plus, on collection day, we give your driver a route sheet optimized for minimal drive time. With only 50 homes on your route, your drivers have the time to move off the curb and go right up to your customers’ doorsteps.

As a hauler, working with retrievr takes the guesswork out of routing and pickup, makes pickups more efficient and guarantees value from every stop.

I’m a Brand (Retailers and Manufacturers)

Mail-in and take-back recycling programs are positive Sustainability initiatives that reflect well on your brand, but too often they don’t drive enough participation or volume to impact your bottom line. When you sponsor a retrievr recycling program, what was once a Sustainability initiative becomes a core part of your business: retrievr helps you build loyalty with a far wider segment of your customers and insulates you from the risk of resource scarcity.

Closing the Loop with Your Customers

How valuable would it be to your Marketing team to have a legitimate reason to connect with your customers right as your product reaches the end of its first life?

When you offer retrievr to your customers, you’re improving how customers view you by giving them something useful: an easy way to responsibly rid themselves of items they no longer need. What’s more, you can build loyalty by rewarding them for recycling – with, say, a store credit or discount – right as they’re considering a replacement purchase.

Closing the Loop with Your Products

Retrievr turbocharges recycling rates, which keeps your products out of landfill and helps you fulfill your Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) obligations. We also, perhaps for the first time, let you reconnect with enough post-consumer product to make your circular supply chain strategies more practical and impactful. That opens up a variety of opportunities and business models.

First and foremost, retrievr keeps your products out of the landfill. None of us want to see recyclable items buried in landfill. And certainly, none of us want our taxpayer dollars going to landfill fees for recyclable items. Increasing recycling with retrievr is the right thing to do, it earns you goodwill with municipalities by saving them money on landfill fees, and it also benefits your company: retrievr tracks recycling volumes, which can help you fulfill your EPR obligations in the 20+ states that already have EPR regulations in place for electronics.

Looking further downfield, as retrievr turbocharges recycling rates, we also accelerate your efforts to reinsert those products back into your supply chain. You can take control over the secondhand market for items that come back in resellable condition, rather than see them resold on other secondary markets. And as you increase your access to recycled raw materials, you take risk out of your business by insulating yourself from resource scarcity and the ethically fraught aspects of new cotton cultivation or precious metal mining.